While traveling on Interstate 75, take Exit 128 (Lake City).

Turn so that you are headed west. You are now on Main Street. You’ll begin heading south.

Drive about two miles; if you reach Clinton, you’ve gone too far. Turn left onto New Clear Branch Road (it’s by Big John’s Food Market).

You’ll drive about 1.6 miles on New Clear Branch Road when you’ll see a log house with a red roof; turn left at a gravel, gated driveway. This is the entrance to the Clinch River House.

526 New Clear Branch Road
Lake City, TN 37769

We’ve included a map to help.

Northbound Interstate 75

Construction is underway on the Interstate south of the Lake City exit. To avoid possible long delays, we recommend this alternate route:

When driving north on I-75, take the Clinton exit and turn left.

Drive westbound for several minutes and after you go over a four lane bridge, turn right at the first red light (you’ll see a Movie Station on your right; behind that is a small strip mall with a Big Lots and Hammer’s stores).

Follow the winding road for about a mile, you’ll pass a cemetery and then a large field of grass. This road dead ends into 25W. Turn right at the blinking light onto 25W.

Drive 5.3 miles to New Clear Branch Road. Hint: you will drive over a four lane road with grass in the middle. Slow down and turn right at New Clear Branch soon after that divided road ends.

New Clear Branch snakes around; drive 1.4 miles to the entrance of Clinch River House; the gated driveway will be on the right (the address, 526, will be on the mailbox).


Map to Clinch Riverhouse